Tuition Information and Fees


Chilliwack Adventist Christian School receives partial funding as an Independent School from the Ministry of Education. Additional funds are obtained through Church subsidy, Conference subsidies, student tuition charges, and private donations.  In addition, the generous financial gifts from Seventh-day Adventist church members and supporters allow for lower tuition rates for all students.

Financial Responsibility

Before a student is enrolled in school, a parent or guardian must accept financial responsibility for the student’s tuition by signing a financial agreement stating that the account will be paid according to the payment schedule. Registration and the first month’s tuition are due upon registration.

All accounts are due and payable by the 1st of
each month (September through June)

Payment by ten post-dated cheques is preferred.  All registration and tuition fees must be paid directly to the treasurer or principal and a receipt obtained.  This will facilitate the keeping of accounts.  Tax-deductible receipts may be offered to parents twice a year, September to December and January to June. These receipts are issued by the BC Conference office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Registration & Tuition
Chilliwack Adventist Christian School’s tuition schedule is outlined in the following table. At the time of registration, a general registration fee  per student is to be paid over and above these scheduled amounts.

In consideration of the generous subsidy provided by the Chilliwack Seventh-day Adventist Church through member contribution, member families will receive a reduction in tuition.



Registration Fee, per student
     Paid before May 31



     Paid after May 31




          Grade 1 to 7 - One Student


          Grade 1 to 7 - Two Students $170/per student
          Grade 1 to 7 - Three Students $160/per student




























Family Discounts
Family tuition discounts are available to immediate families with multiple students.  The first student pays the regular tuition amount.  The second and subsequent students from the same immediate household will receive discounts as outlined below.

2nd student                                                        15% Discount

3rd student                                                         25% Discount

4th student                                                         Free tuition

Tuition Assistance
Families with exceptional financial burdens may approach the principal to apply for tuition assistance.  Families in need of help are encouraged to approach their extended family, friends and their church home. If help is still needed, families are asked to contact the school principal for further arrangements.

Past Accounts
All previous year’s accounts must be cleared before registration is completed.  The School Board must approve any special arrangements for such payment.

If a student is withdrawn from school at any time, he/she will be charged for the full month on which such withdrawal is completed.